Bike NCSY: Puerto Rico is not only a ride – it is an experience. The experience will inspire you over a weekend of natural beauty, spirituality, luxury, and cycling while raising critical funds for the NCSY mission: to inspire and empower Jewish teens and encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and tradition. 

Join us March 16-20 in San Juan, Puerto Rico for an amazing weekend with incredible riding, camaraderie, entertainment and food. 

When is Bike NCSY: Puerto Rico?

March 16-20 , 2023. Please view the schedule below for weekend breakdown.

  • Thursday, March 16, 2023: PM Arrival
  • Friday, March 17 , 2023: Optional Training Ride and Pre Shabbat Relaxation
  • Saturday, March 18, 2023: Full NCSY Shabbat Experience and Pre Ride Pasta Party 
  • Sunday, March 19, 2023: Bike NCSY Ride and Post Ride Awards Dinner
  • Monday, March 20, 2023: AM Departure

Where in Puerto Rico?!

We will be staying and riding in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I want to ride. Are there fundraising requirements?

Yes, there is a minimum fundraising commitment for each route as follows:

  • $7,500.00
    • Lodging (Double Occupancy Room)
    • Backpack
    • Meals
    • 30 minute post ride massage
    • Bike NCSY Cycling Kit
    • Facilitate air travel
    • Airport Transportation
  • $10,000.00
    • Everything included in the $7500 package +
    • Spa Package
    • Bike NCSY Plaque and Recognition
    • $100 Air Travel Voucher
    • Additional SWAG
  • $15,000.00
    • Everything included in the $10,000+
    • Airfare
    • Single Occupancy Room
    • Spouse Upgrade (Must commit to raising $15,000 by January 1, 2023)
      • Airline travel covered for spouse
      • Meals covered for spouse
    • Bike Flight Shipping Voucher

How much is the Registration Fee to Ride?

The Registration Fee to ride is $75.

Why do we ask for your credit card?

Each Rider must pay a non-refundable registration fee that does not count towards his or her minimum fundraising commitment. The appropriate amount is charged to the Rider’s card upon registration. The Rider’s card information must remain on file in case you do not reach your fundraising minimum by the fundraising deadline. After the fundraising deadline, your card will be charged for the remainder of your commitment, if any.

Can I withdraw from the event?

You can cancel your participation as a Rider in NCSY: Puerto Rico. You will be responsible for the $7,500 minimum fundraising requirement. NCSY has the authority to and will charge your credit card for the remaining balance.

How do I fundraise?

Personalize your Rider profile, then direct your friends and family to your Rider page and ask them to donate to your ride! 

What is the fundraising deadline?

Riders have until April 20, 2023, to complete their fundraising. NCSY has the authority to and will charge your credit card for the remaining balance. If you continue to fundraise after your credit card has been processed with the remaining balance, NCSY will reimburse your card only upon written request. Funds charged to your card will be reimbursed via check in early May 2023 only if you request the refund by March  31, 2023. No reimbursements will be processed after December 31st, 2023. All donations processed by NCSY are non-refundable and non-transferable, even if you do not participate in the event. The registration fee is also non-refundable, non-transferable, and not tax deductible.

Is it possible to bring along a spouse or traveling companion?

To bring a spouse or traveling companion, you must fundraise $15,000.00.

When will I receive my fundraising incentives?

Unless otherwise announced, and if you have met a fundraising milestone by March 1, you will receive the corresponding incentives upon arrival at the ride. You are encouraged to continue fundraising during the ride itself, as this can be the most effective time to rally for donations as you post live updates from the road. All remaining incentives will be calculated on your fundraising total as of May 31, 2023 and will be mailed to you ASAP. 

Travel Questions:

Do I have to pay for my flight?

Yes, EXCEPT if you raise $15,000+. In this case, we will pay for your travel.

How do I book my flight?

Coming Soon! We will make this extremely easy for you. Right now, you just need to register and start fundraising!

How do I book my hotel room?

This will be done for you upon registration!

Can I bring my bike on the plane?

Of course. However, airline bike regulations will apply.

Can I ship my bike?

Yes, information coming soon. We are working on the Bike Flight details.

What else is there to do in Puerto Rico?

LOTS! We will provide a list of possible excursions and other activities.

Ride Questions:

What is provided for me on the ride? What expenses should I expect?

We provide a professional grade experience, including bike mechanic and soigneur (massage therapist) services, nutritious meals and on-bike food and drink, and single-double-occupancy hotel rooms for 5-nights. . 

All riders will be provided with a Bike NCSY: Puerto Rico cycling kit (short-sleeve jersey/bib shorts) upon arrival in San Juan.

Unless you have fundraised $15,000+, all registered riders are responsible for the costs of their own personal travel and bike shipping. If you prefer a single room during the ride, you must pay in advance for a room upgrade. All hotel accommodations and meals will be provided to riders  and staff during the ride. Bike NCSY will be covering double-occupancy lodging for all riders beginning on Thursday March 16 and ending on Monday March 20 (a total of five nights). 

When does the ride start?

All rides will begin at the hotel the morning of ride days (Friday & Sunday).

How far do I have to ride at once?

There will be a few distance options each day that range from middle distance (30-50 Miles) to long distance (80-100M) with a rest stop every 12 to 20-miles for water, food, mechanical and medical attention. Support vehicles will also patrol the route to provide assistance, if necessary. You are not required to stop at the rest stops but they are available for your needs.

Do I have to follow the rules of the road?

Yes, Bike NCSY Riders are asked to strictly adhere to rules of the road. A safe ride is paramount to the Bike NCSY experience.

Is there a minimum age to ride in Bike NCSY?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to ride in Bike NCSY.

Can I allow someone else to ride in my place in Bike NCSY?

No. Your registration as a Rider in Bike NCSY is never transferable, even if you do not or cannot ride in Bike NCSY for any reason whatsoever, including any illness or injury that may limit or preclude your participation. You are not permitted to grant another person the right to ride in Bike NCSY in your place under any circumstances.

Donation Questions:

How do I make a donation?

Click on the Donate button in the upper right hand corner and search for the Rider or Team you wish to donate to.

How quickly can I expect an online donation to post?

Any donation made online should be posted immediately. If an online donation does not post within the day  please contact us at

How do I make a check donation?

Click on the white Donate button in the upper right hand corner to start the donation process. You will be able to make a pledge online. Once the pledge has been made, please write the full name of the Rider you wish to donate to in the memo line and mail your check made payable to New York NCSY at the address:

New York NCSY

Attn: Bike NCSY 

40 Rector St

4th Floor

New York NY 10006. 

Please note, this address only accepts USPS mail.

What do I do if a donor hands me a check?

Please call the Bike NCSY office 212-613-8289.

How does Bike NCSY handle tax acknowledgement receipts for cash donations?

If you would like a tax acknowledgement receipt, it is always best to make a credit card or check donation. NCSY cannot issue tax acknowledgement receipts for cash donations that are not brought directly to the NCSY office by the actual donor. Please do not send cash through the mail. If you are a Rider who has received a cash donation, there are two options for applying the cash donation to your ride. In the first instance, you may keep the cash and make an online credit card donation to yourself for the same amount. Please note, however, that if you use this option, you will become the official donor and you will receive a tax acknowledgement receipt at the email address that you provide. Please do not substitute the cash donor’s name or address for your own when you make the credit card donation on your card. Alternatively, you may bring the cash donation to our office. In this scenario, NCSY  still cannot issue a tax acknowledgement receipt to the cash donor who is not present, but you can pick up a blank cash donation receipt that you can provide to your donor to fill out for his/her own record keeping. Please note, NCSY  will not complete this receipt form for you as it must be completed by the donor.

Is my donation tax deductible and if so, when will I receive my receipt?

All donations are 100% tax deductible in the United States, unless the donor received goods and/or services in exchange for all or a portion of his/her donation, such as through an auction or other fundraiser. For foreign donors, please refer to your local tax laws to determine if your donation to NCSY is tax deductible. All credit card donors will immediately receive a tax acknowledgement letter via email. All check donors will receive a tax acknowledgement letter snail mail after the check is received by NCSY.

Is NCSY a 501(C)(3)?

Yes, NCSY  is a 501(c)(3). If you would like more information about our Tax ID# or non-profit status, please email 

Can I make a donation to a team?

Yes, you can make a donation to a rider on a team, and it will appear on the team total. However, you cannot make a general team donation.

How do I find a participant's personal fundraising webpage?

Click on the search box in the navigation bar and begin typing the first or last name. Your options will display as you type.

What happens if I check the checkbox to "cover processing fees"?

If you check this checkbox, you will be charged the amount indicated next to the checkbox. This amount will also be visible to NCSY.  However, on the fundraising page, your intended – initial donation amount will be displayed.

For Canadian donations made online with a credit card, will the amount entered be in U.S. dollars?

Yes. For Canadian donations made online with a credit card, the amount entered in the online donation form will be in U.S. dollars. 

Do all donors who mail their donations receive a receipt?

Any donor who mailed their donation and provided an address will receive a receipt via mail once the donation has been processed. If you made your donation in installments, you will receive a receipt each time a monthly payment is processed. 

Do all donors who contribute online receive a receipt?

Yes, anyone who donates online, regardless of the amount, will receive a receipt via email.

How do I add dedication when I make a donation?

When you make a donation online, you can designate what you want to appear as your recognition name on the participant’s Honor Roll. This may be your name, or it could be something such as “From the whole Smith  family” or “in memory of Aunt Jane.” 

Fundraising Questions

What can I do if a check is written out to me personally?

If a donation check has been written out to you personally, you may endorse the back of the check and mail it in with a completed donation form to NCSY .

Can I mail in a cash donation?

Please call the Bike NCSY office 212 613 8289 for further instructions.

How quickly can I expect an online donation to post to my page?

Any donation made online should be posted immediately. If your donation does not post within the day please contact us at 

Can I enter a check online?

You can’t enter a check online. Yo can mail in your check with a completed donation form to NCSY 

A donor is requesting a Tax ID number; what is that and how can I get it?

A Tax ID number identifies NCSY  as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Many donors will request this number to validate their donation as tax-deductible. The NCSY Tax ID number is: 13-5623717 . Please contact for more assistance. 

Not all of my donors are showing up on my pagel. Why?

As your donors make a contribution, they have the option of whether or not they want to appear in the Honor Roll. 

Where can I find a list of the people who have donated to me?

Log in with your email and password to visit your dashboard..

You will then find a list of all of your donors as well as a list of all donors to your team .

How can I send a thank you email to my donors?

To easily send thank-you emails to donors, follow these steps:

Log in to your fundraiser dashboard by clicking the “My HQ” link in the top right.

Click “My Fundraising Report” in the left sidebar.

Locate the donor/donation you’d like to thank, and click “Send Email” (If the donor didn’t submit their email address, this option is unavailable.)

Type the message in the pop-up window, and click “Send Email.”

Why am I receiving emails telling me that I've received a donation?

You are receiving these emails because we would like to keep you updated on your fundraising efforts. If you wish to stop receiving these updates, please login to your headquarters and edit your account preferences.