Refer a Rider Program

Earn an Amazon Gift Card! 

You signed up for Bike NCSY. You’ve got your helmet on and your fundraising going. You have the power to share this incredible experience with others, and be rewarded for doing so!

In this scenario, you are Rider A, a past Bike NCSY rider or currently registered Bike NCSY rider tells a new Bike NCSY 2020 rider to sign up. Think, your brother, your aunt, your next door neighbor, your UPS drivers (they’re basically family now right?) This new rider who you get to sign up, is Rider B.

Rider B, (a New Rider), registers at When Rider B registers, and gets to the “How did you hear about us?” box, he/she will put in Rider A’s name (aka YOU!)

Once Rider B fulfills their minimum fundraising requirement ($500 minimum standard registrations only), Rider A (that’s you!) will qualify for a $30 Amazon gift card. 

  • Upon the completion of Bike NCSY 2020, referrals will be tallied and $30 Amazon cards (or one composite card amount) will be emailed to the referring riders email address (your email address) that was used for their Bike NCSY registration. 
  • There will be 1 referral gift card awarded per new rider.
  • In order to qualify, referrals must be named in the “How did you hear about us- Please specify” box.
  • Each referring rider will be allowed up to 5 Amazon cards for Bike NCSY 2020.